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Is really Unemployment is a reason to join terrorism or an excuse??

For the first Time I totally disagree with the facts by TED. How come we can give unemployment the reason of Terrorism. Charles Kingsley Once Tod that "NO-ONE KNOWS WHAT HE CAN DO, UNTIL HE TRIES"
I mean in today's era of high end needs and technology,it true that unemployment is growing fast and people are getting frustrated but terrorism is definitely not an option. Terrorism is not just a phenomena, its the sick mindset, its like a mental disease,
Nothing can justify of be a reason for terrorism. and even if Unemployment is somehow linked to it, the How can we justify the people with much higher paid salary and have so much riches, and still promoting terror.?????


Closing Statement from Irfan Noori

I am really thankful to all of you for sharing your intellect with me
this conversation, some how Inspires me doing what is being needed in today's era
The best enlightenment with the word TERRORISM
I just use to see its one aspect only
now i can see its diversification.
I thank you all for your support.

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    Nov 23 2013: Please, lets not dwell to much on the behaviour, it tends to blurry most peoples perception of individuals. Behaviour is part of the problem, but not the main source. Truth of the matter is, all behavioural violence is born out of some sort of deprivation. Majority of violent offenders have themselves been victims of their own attempted murders, sexual abuse, torment, or inhuman living conditions. These people have simply not been given an adequate environment to develop in, and as a result the development of the brain and mind is maladaptive. This is the true essence of human behaviour and human development, i suggest you start hear to answer some of the other related issues such as unemployment's impact on human health.
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      Nov 23 2013: If it totally depends upon the development of mind, then how can we justify the anti social activities of the privileged ones, the ones about whom Keith W Henline mentioned in his comment
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        Nov 23 2013: The privileged ones are not as privileged as you think, they may have more material possessions, but their interpersonal relationships and subjective experiences are just as skewed. Proximal abandonment, which is the term used to describe someone being physically present, but emotionally absent, I think would be the best example to describe the parenting environment and the type of relative deprivation people (especially young) of all classes regardless of material wealth are subject to, some more than others.

        This would explain why even children of wealthy families go down the wrong paths, even their emotional needs where not met adequately as children and/or adolescence.

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