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Life was made to be certain not doubtful

We all know there is right way and wrong way in life
but we agree in the materialistic part of life
like 1+1=2
and if the car speed is 100 KM/H it will go 50 KM in 30 minutes
if any one gave any other answer we all with absolute certainty will say he is wrong
but in the non materialistic part of life
what believe ,action is right or wrong ?
we disagree
for this purpose of disagreement Allah The Creator sent His messengers to solve this disagreement ,but some people reject the messengers as referee
they want to be the referee them not the messengers
who can tell this right and this wrong ?
let us take football as analogy
to be play football you must score goals in your opponent goal not in yours with out using your hands
if you fail to score goal or you try to use your hands you will never win in football game
why because you did not either understood the rule of the game or you understood you do not want to follow it
but who made this rule do not use your hands?
the Creator of the game
other game creator who like the use of hands to score goals Invented a game called Handball where you must use your hand only to score goal
if you try to win in football using handball rules our your own rules surely you will fail
the First step towards been right in life
1- Find the life Creator
2- understand his policy (the rules of life what is right and what is wrong )
3- Finally start practicing you will still do some times , something wrong
but you know your goal is to do the right acts
The sorry part of our disagreement sound illogical when people went to the extreme and said there is no Life Maker and life made it self which is linguistically wrong statement
the explanation made @ 4:07 of the Big History talk
is an absolute underestimation of the logic
{1 -Every product MUST have a manufacture
2-Each manufacture MUST have an intention before he made his product
3- The more amazing the product the more wonderful the manufacture }

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    Jun 12 2011: > Life was made to be certain not doubtful

    Life was made? That's news to me.

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