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How do you perceive butterflies and moths?

I'm spending my final year of study at Northumbria University looking specifically at what design can do to protect the diminishing species of butterflies and moths in the UK. I'll be exploring how we perceive butterflies and moths, and the potential to change peoples' attitudes towards conservation.


Closing Statement from Jamie Samman

Hi everyone,

I'd just like to say a massive thank you for all your contributions, you've all been a great help!

My project is really gaining speed now, I've spoke to a butterfly conservationist and an entomologist, and am in the process of contacting a farmer to talk to, so I can get a good picture of the implications of farming to butterfly conservation.

The emotional side of butterflies and moths is something you've made me really excited about, and the power of these insects as an educational tool is fascinating.

Thanks you all so much,

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    Nov 24 2013: Thanks for all your amazing responses, it's great to see so many people out there who share a similar interest to butterflies and moths! I think the emotional qualities of butterflies is such a rich vein to tap into, it seems like everyone has some deep rooted memories of spotting and photographing them. In response to a few of you questioning the value of this project in terms of the negative effect it could potentially have on biodiversity as a whole (i.e. butterfly and moth decline could be happening for a natural reason, so changing it could have wider implications), I am going to be approaching my project with the upmost sensitivity, by considering all stakeholders and living things involved before making any rash decisions! (I won't be making anything to capture moth eating birds!)

    Thanks again!

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