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What can we rename drones to eliminate negative associations?

The word drone conjures up negative emotions. People think of killing and destruction. These devices can be used for good. They are being used in the Philippines to aid in disaster relief. There should be a new name associated with these types of devices. In the future, we will see UAV's everywhere.

  • Nov 21 2013: We could. Then the associations would cling to the new name, and so on, and so on, and so on.
    "Retarded" was once just a medical term, with no social baggage.
    We decided to replace it with "special". Now it's an insult to say that someone "is special".
    "STD" was coined to have a term that didn't have the stigma of "VD". Now STD is no different.
    "Intercourse" used to mean "any sort of interaction", but it was chosen to be more "acceptable" than "sex". Today, "intercourse" is used almost exclusively to just refer to "sex". Euphemism always fails.
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    Nov 21 2013: the word drone doesn't mean violence it just means kind of boring continuing on at a slightly monotonous, trivial way.

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  • Nov 21 2013: Re-naming them will only attract attention to the fact that there's a problem to begin with (an image problem at least, I'm all for drones).

    Sometimes, ignoring a public relations problem really is the best solution. Anything else would only draw further attention to it.
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    Nov 21 2013: While they can be used for good, too often the government is using them for less than beneficial means, such as killing and spying. If you want to change the view of drones, do not change their name, change how they are used. Work to force government to stop their actions.
  • Nov 21 2013: Call them "Flying Pizza", everbody loves pizza.
  • Nov 21 2013: The most prominent use of the drones is to kill the terrorist leaders for the purpose of weaken the terror movement. Let's forget the the negativity of the association between the uses of drones, but for many people, who looked upon this as a tool of killing beyond the ordinary battle field of the war. The association due to this ISN'T, AND WILL NOT BE, ALTERED BY THE CHANGING OF NAMES OF THIS TOOL OR WEAPON.
    The analogy of this can be seen as the various uses of the military bomber airplane and the commercial airplane. The word airplane, or simply plane, doesn't confer any positive or negative connotation on it, that the terminology of negativity is only applied to the intent of it's usage. We have used the word airplane for many years, and nobody ever raised the question of changing the names. Same thing applies to the guns which can be used for murder and assassination, but also be used for individual self defense as well as national defense.
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    Nov 21 2013: Could it be that 'fire engines' have only positive associations because they have never been used as water cannons?
  • Nov 20 2013: Flyers? Air-Bots? Just some stream-of-consciousness.