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Human Cloning

Today in my english class, we talked about Human Cloning. It has its pros and cons like everything we know. Its a way to cure diseases, but I don't see another advantage. The cons are more than the pros.
People usually put in first place the religious issues that cloning brings, but I think that are other issues that cloning brings and are more important than the religious. For example, there will be less biodiversity, its too expensive,..
But the worst for me is a thing my teacher brought up to discussion as being a pro of human cloning. She said a pro was we could choose the traits of our sons and daughters. I think its really wrong, no one should choose their future baby characteristics. And what if the baby isn't what you "ordered" then what people would do ? Would they say " sorry I didn't ask for this one, have it back".
So what do you smart people that understand more about think?


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