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Do all children have a talent?

In this entertaining and interesting TED talk, Ken Robinson states how he believes that all children have a talent. But how can this be said for sure? Do we have evidence of this? How can we claim that traits work like in the "Sims" games when one has a certain number of points to put into categories? For example, creating a character who is incredibly sporty may have to sacrifice points from the arty category and vice versa.

I would like to believe this yes and through my own eyes I have seen that some, maybe even going as far as to say "many", children have a talent. But how can we say that every child has a talent without any evidence? It's like when people say "there is a love for everybody out there". I would really like to believe that but these people don't give any reason to.

This thought is not a particularly nice one but one I feel must be discussed - please prove me wrong


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    Nov 23 2013: Dear Ben,
    First of all, it is the perspective of vision.
    One facts is enough for the person who want to believe & even a book of facts falls short to the person who don't wants too.

    So before going through any comment try to clear you mind with your own contradiction.

    My first facts, "Child are gifted with talents" it is assumed to be as an axiom, still you questioned this assumed axiom for the supporting fact,
    What it Shows????
    You have the talent Logical analysis, That's my point of view, yours can be different.

    And one thing am sure You'll agree with is "THE POINT OF VIEW"
    Mines is different than yours.
    Understanding this difference in point of view is another talent.

    No the question arises, What actually TALENT MEANS TO YOU???
    If the talents i showed you now are true in your eyes then you'll be finding a specific talent in every person around you.
    Give it a shot, try to analyse people around you and you yourself prove yourself wrong. :)

    Talent is everywhere, some people speaks way too politely, even if they hate you, thats a talent
    some carry dress way too perfectly hats a talent,
    Some impress people way to quickly
    some are always calm
    some are hyperactive
    talent is every where, you just need to have eyes to see them.
    You'll get you solution by yourself then. :)

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