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Do all children have a talent?

In this entertaining and interesting TED talk, Ken Robinson states how he believes that all children have a talent. But how can this be said for sure? Do we have evidence of this? How can we claim that traits work like in the "Sims" games when one has a certain number of points to put into categories? For example, creating a character who is incredibly sporty may have to sacrifice points from the arty category and vice versa.

I would like to believe this yes and through my own eyes I have seen that some, maybe even going as far as to say "many", children have a talent. But how can we say that every child has a talent without any evidence? It's like when people say "there is a love for everybody out there". I would really like to believe that but these people don't give any reason to.

This thought is not a particularly nice one but one I feel must be discussed - please prove me wrong


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    Nov 23 2013: I can't give you an evidence. I only can say that I believe firmly that everybody has a talent, more or less, but they have. Even in the case of a person with the brain partially damaged, I think that person will try to learn or to get the maximum benefit of the knowledge he/she could achieve. It's possible I'll be optimist (hopeless optimist) but I believe in the power of the human being.

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