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Competition or Collaboration?

Ben Hecht, President and CEO of Living Cities says, Collaboration is new Competition.
Genetic recombination theory says that given enough complexity of survival dynamics, genetic materials at molecular level recombine along a collaborative line, rather than competitive.
Do you think we are looking at a paradigm sift here?
From 'compete to win' to 'collaborate to survive'?


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    Nov 20 2013: I don't think that competition and collaboration are mutual exclusive.
    You can have both, just not simultaneously.
    As Fritzie mentioned, collaboration when it comes to complex tasks makes sense. For example, a company would be such a group.
    On the other hand, if you look for a mate, then collaboration makes no sense. This is a competitive endeavor.
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      Nov 21 2013: Where to compete and where to collaborate, Harald?
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        Nov 21 2013: You collaborate where you have common interests and you compete when you can expect a better result with competition than with cooperation.
        Example: take the gun industry in the US. There is full cooperation when it comes to lobbying (National Rifle association) and influence lawmaking. However, all gun makers compete with each other.
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          Dec 5 2013: Agreed Harald.

          A healthy competition is fruitful, it opens the doors to creativity and passion. Competition and collaboration are definitely not mutually exclusive.

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