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Ethical botnets

If ethical botnets could be created, would you participate? If a million people were to give up a 20 gig partition on their windows, apple or linux pc, what could be achieved? Could the botnet be utilized for research, crime fighting, climate reporting, problem solving? (the list goes on). Would internet users let ethical hackers take control of their volunteered hard drive partition during sleeping or down time hours? How could scientists utilize an ethical botnet, consisting of millions of computers? Could vast projects and very complex problems be resolved collectively, utilizing the ethical botnet? Would it require strict safeguards , encryption, guidelines or even governmental legislation and, or, oversight by a governing body? What would, or could be the incentive for participating in the vast project?


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    Nov 21 2013: I would consider this idea as highly valuable and I think it is a matter of when (not if).

    Of course, what is considered to be ethical is something we need to think about, especially if the algorithms are self-learning.

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