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We need to be discussing growth of population with regard to climate control

This amazing use of technology must be used to teach people their impact on the planet.
As long as the zealots exhort us to multiply without thought, our brilliant technology , while useful for gathering and sharing data will not be able to save us.
Let's use our religions for the betterment or world kind now.

  • Nov 20 2013: I recently viewed a documentary on the BBC (Don't panic - the truth about population - by Hans Rosling) which informed me that the vast majority of the developing world are now having family sizes of 2 children. Instead of having larger familys which are difficult to nourish family sizes have fallen pretty much globally. Population growth is set to come from the survival of these children. The children will have two children, and in turn those children will have two children and they are all expected to survive until their 70s. Population growth is set to come about through increased survival and not from excessive reproduction. Population is set to grow for a while and then it will reach a level and then stop growing.
    The challenge is for the world to generate enough food to feed all of our fellow survivors. Technology is pushing the boundaries on farming. With high tech irrigation previously unfarmable land will become productive enabling survival. The BBC documentary is pretty recent and well worth a viewing as it is so enlightening - check BBC website or it may come up on youtube soon.
    • Nov 20 2013: What do you mean by "developing "world. Did they check on India, Africa, China, etc................what about people producing 6-8 children.Need more than food..........they will produce waste, need resources for housing, clothes etc etc............will there be room for animals?
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    Nov 20 2013: Judith, did you want more time on this, click "edit" and add more time, right now you have 14 hours.
  • Nov 20 2013: This is very true, but in my country so many of our business leaders do not want to be told. Aren't they told again, again, and again? While I agree, this has been known for centuries.