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Individual American states - not only the entire nation - could also reduce medical costs by applying Larsson's ideas.

Dr. Stefan Larsson's ideas work at the national level, as shown by the national statistics quoted in his TED Talk.

But what about at the individual state level?

I suggest that, due to political and constitutional realities, the real potential of Larsson's ideas are at the state government level in America.

The medical profession in America is controlled mostly at the state level and medical (healthcare) insurance is almost exclusively under state government regulation.

Healthcare insurance plans and premiums are completely regulated at the state level, and insurance costs are consequently a direct function of medical costs.

If Larsson's proposals for medical CARE can be administered within an individual state, then the consequent costs of medical INSURANCE would fall proportionally.

And each individual STATE has all the tools necessary to make that happen regardless of what might, or might not, happen nationally.

So ... what ARE the barriers to individual state adoption of Dr. Larsson's ideas expressed in his TED Talk?

Let's give this a try in a few American states and see how it works.


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