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Is Technology stopping or abetting political apathy? Can we beat political apathy with technology?

Beating Politics with Technology
Peter Sunde thinks Bitcoin is "interesting" and has a fascinating story behind it, but one that he feels is symbolic of a depressing widespread lack of trust in politics.

'"You can't beat politics with new technology all the time. Sometimes you have to actually make sure that politics are in line with what people want. A lot of people are giving up on politics and thinking they can solve issues with technology. These kind of arrogant behaviours towards the rest of the society are a bit disgusting," Sunde told Wired.co.uk in a Skype interview...'


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    Dec 10 2013: I would like to ask this to the ones thinking hat we all need to be active on a political level: How are you active, I'd like to hear your story.
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      Dec 10 2013: My dilemma is that I'm an activist but I hate politics so
      that I avoid it when I can. An activist could be passive or aggressive.
      Hating politics, being passive suits me. And my main passive activism is
      exposing every kind of shameless corruption.

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