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Is Technology stopping or abetting political apathy? Can we beat political apathy with technology?

Beating Politics with Technology
Peter Sunde thinks Bitcoin is "interesting" and has a fascinating story behind it, but one that he feels is symbolic of a depressing widespread lack of trust in politics.

'"You can't beat politics with new technology all the time. Sometimes you have to actually make sure that politics are in line with what people want. A lot of people are giving up on politics and thinking they can solve issues with technology. These kind of arrogant behaviours towards the rest of the society are a bit disgusting," Sunde told Wired.co.uk in a Skype interview...'


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  • Dec 3 2013: I think we can but it will take a change in mindset. Since I always put my money where my mouth is, I went out and created a platform that I believe answers the question "can we beat political apathy with technology?" Submitted for your approval (and the subject of another conversation on TED that was closed a short time ago) . . .


    The purpose of iNations is to present to people all of the questions that humans have struggled over for thousands of years, along with actual choices so that people can define where they stand on all of these issues. The point of this exercise is to get people thinking about the "big" questions, and yes, committing to an answer (even if that answer is "I don't know" or "I choose not to answer the question.") Then, every person is free to create an "iNation" of their own, based on their beliefs and feelings, and invite other members to join. It's all explained on the site, but I hope anyone reading this checks it out!
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      Dec 3 2013: Hey Joe, iNation is great! Expect me to join your site later.
      And I hope all caring netizens join too.
      • Dec 3 2013: Thanks! iNations is still only in a "proof of concept" stage - basically, I ran out of money! But at least I have a social network that functions and does the basics of what I want it to do. (And please, please, please - share the site with everyone you can. To get to a point where I can start attracting investors, I need a lot more people!!!)

        At some point, however, I'm going to need to figure out how to add in the ability for people to vote (to elect leaders and decide issues via referendum), to customize their iNation home pages, to add in marketing to their home pages (I don't intend to do any marketing on inations.com itself - but I want to provide individual iNations the right to sell ad space on their iNation home pages), to create customized credit/debit cards for use by iNation citizens, to barter/exchange between iNation citizens, and to invite politicians (and other speakers as well) to "townhall" meetings.

        What drove me to create iNations was the idea of setting up a system where politicians would be drawn to do online townhall meetings, but they'd be FORCED to answer specific questions and provide their REAL thoughts on the BIG issues. It drives me crazy that we elect people without knowing where they stand on all the big issues!!!
    • Dec 4 2013: Just joined iNation. Shared it on my FB page and told everyone to check out the iNation "About" page (reading all the way to the bottom!). "NewPoliticalSys" is my handle. What a great concept and site thus far. I'm looking forward to seeing what the "iPerson Questionnaire" questions are like. Joe, I'll send you an email through your support contact page, we've got to talk! I have a few ideas and brainstorms that might be helpful to you.

      You said "It drives me crazy that we elect people without knowing where they stand on all the big issues!!!" and I have had the same "itch" that's never been scratched. Politicians play the dodge-ball game with vagueness and carefully crafted rhetoric. They know nobody has the time or tools to properly vet them (and FORGET about the MSM making sense of anything, because they're in it for the $$). That's just one of the things I hope to reverse with my idea. A politician can do far too much damage these days and letting idiots gain office is just asking for chaos. We don't have a better system to vet, rank, score and compare how politicians stand on the issues because no one has developed it. I hope to change that just like you are waking people up to the notion of "borders" and "nationality".

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