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What is future of e-commerce businesses?

As title indicates:
What do you think e-commerce businesses' future is?


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    Nov 20 2013: One of the things will be a pay system that's not working with the traditional banks. People will not allow the banks to get a commission every time they pay. It's maybe bitcoins or an other system that will be invented in future.
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    Dec 9 2013: E-commerce has a prospective market now and will continue to develop in China. And I think this strong momentum will also drive the companies to expand their business to other countries. The representative is the "Alibaba" company. Nowadays, not only normal goods and services sold to customers online in China, but some banking services and financing products as well. In the future, when the payment system is upgraded,foreigners will be able to buy things from China through it too.
  • Dec 8 2013: I think the augmented reality will contribute to development of e-commerce. But bad companies will can develop malware and virus which flood our vision with ads or hack our bank accounts. After having watched this video http://vimeo.com/46304267 you can understand the problem with the e-commerce and augmented reality. Currently, there is a Google project named Google Glass, the hacking of this device is an important threat for user because in addition to access our private life, theoretically the hacker will pollute your vision or see where you are or what you doing ... This information can be sold to companies.

    However, we will buy everything anywhere, for example we will order an object which you seen at a friend's house.

    Moreover I think in future we will can custom every purchased product on the Internet.

    So, according me, E-commerce will replace traditional commerce but we will have to remain vigilant.