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What do people base their perception of beauty on ?

We all know beauty is something different for cultures ,
but in general aspects Our perception of beauty are based on what ?

  • Nov 20 2013: Beauty is a judgment we make about our relationship to something. It is subjective, not objective; personal, not universal. It is a name we give to something that satisfies our aesthetic needs and gives us a certain kind of pleasure. It is not only different for each person, it is different according to its specific application: we may find one thing beautiful for its outward appearance, another for what we perceive to be its inner character.

    If I tell you that I find something beautiful, you still have little idea of what beauty means to me; you can only know that I have a concept of beauty and the thing I refer to manifests some aspects of that concept. If I tell you that I find something not beautiful, you can only know that I do not find in that thing enough of those aspects.

    Our perception of beauty, like all our perceptions is based on the degree to which something satisfies our expectations, experiences, needs, beliefs, even our capacity to express the experience. In other words, I have in my mind a set of, for want of a better word, images to which I connect my concept of beauty. I have also a set of images to which I connect my concept of, again for want of a better word, "ugly." I interact with something and compare it to those concepts to determine whether it falls closer to one or the other. If it is sufficiently close to one of them, then I might apply the language to it, so that I then have a perceptual basis for one part of my relationship to it.
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    Lejan .

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    Nov 20 2013: Slightly off symmetry and fractal based randomness.
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      Nov 22 2013: You ability to describe with such ease the image of my wife showering is perplexing.
  • Nov 20 2013: In my opinion, personality. Its whats on the inside that counts, right? Looks are a bonus yes, but what would you rather, a gorgeous partner with a terrible personality whose ignorant, arrogant, stuck up, bossy, mean obnoxious. Or, would you rather a partner, ho is just laid back, funny, sweet, kind and just an all in all beautiful kindhearted person, on the inside. I certainly know who I would chose.
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    Nov 20 2013: 1. Money/Power which ultimately equals success (of course!)
    2. Perfection, as in he/she is my SOUL MATE I been waiting forever for. Knight in shinning armor.
    3. Material (bling bling)
    4. repeat 1 and 3

    I don't know if this is a personal question or a search for truth. Is living a double life out of the question? Sorry, stuck in my culture over here as always.

    average to wide size hips for a woman and symmetric face in a man. Though this can all be overlooked with character it is what is first noticed.
  • Nov 20 2013: Lejan is correct in many ways which means aspects of appreciating beauty has an inborn aspect.
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    Dec 9 2013: Firstly, I think what’s so great is the diversity of opinion on how people see and judge beauty, and that as humans we seem to be endlessly fascinated in the pursuit and definition (and redefinition) of it.... thank goodness, or the world would be a very narrow, unfulfilling place.

    I believe there are shades of beauty…a spectrum if you like. Some undeniably apparent through natural (universally ) acknowledged things such as a sunset or a flower which everyone appreciates is beautiful and which cuts straight to our primeval core. The natural world seems to have it sorted at the far end of beauty spectrum and then we work backwards and it gets harder to define why people find things beautiful and it’s always subjective; it can’t not be.
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    Dec 9 2013: Bear in mind no to confuse beauty with attractiveness. Beauty, as I see it, is the symmetry of the physical trails of the face. I can consider a woman from a completly different culture beatiful even when I am not attracted to her.

    Atrativeness, on the other hand, is heavily conditioned by cultural factors.
  • Nov 21 2013: Combination of genetics and social imprinting, same as practically everything else.
    Which has more effect is harder to say. Being a mostly subconscious process that's hard to quantify doesn't help.