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Floating Cities or reclaimed land cities to house refugees

It is entirely possible today to build floating cities or reclaimed land cities. Holland is using this as their strategy as their dams will need replacing and Dubai has shown the world what can be done using land reclamation.

I propose that instead of housing refugees using current methods that new cities are built for temporary or permanent occupation and self governed. In preparation for disasters whether man made or natural.

If they were built beyond any countries territorial limit it would require a new nation and government to be formed.

  • Nov 18 2013: The problem with refugees isn't finding them space--there is no shortage of unsettled land. The problem is finding the budget to feed them, and supply them with even the minimal infrastructure that is now considered a minimal for standards of living (as in, running water and electricity).

    Setting up whole new states for them seems even harder than integrating them into an existing social structure.
  • Nov 20 2013: Thanks, I am sure would be interested to hear about that./
  • Nov 19 2013: Interesting idea....I think tis very possible as Graphene comes along in development.
  • Nov 19 2013: Bryan,

    Yes I also realized that and is why I tried to explain to you the difference between that and what I am proposing.

    Here is the current situation in Australia and they are called detention centers.

    it is the so called solution to this

    I am proposing a place where they will be made to feel welcome and wanted and own and from which they can try to organize a way to go to the country of their choosing and return to their homeland when things have stabilised which is often their wish. And can go to by choice, it is offered as an alternative to what they currently experience not forced.
  • Nov 19 2013: Thanks for the interest,

    Yes I agree names are very important.

    But camps and concentrate do not sit well in my mind ..

    Land England or Swaziland

    alia as in Australia,,

    the terms floating cities, and reclaimed would be just for the purpose of this and other that we stay on the same thread ..

    My suggestion assumes that the place will be a home while they are unable to return to their true homeland as many do..

    But if that never happens it will be their homeland for ever ..not a temporary state.

    from a safe base they would be eligible to apply to emigrate to any country they wish

    They would have a passport and freedom to travel as any other nation.

    Sorry, I did not add that these people will not be placed against their will, it will be offered for anyone to apply to go there, from any country in the world,a safe haven, it would not be a dumping ground.

    As I said it would belong to them and be governed by them.
    I would anticipate it being as hard as coordinating the next World cup or Olympic games and it would generate the development of new technology and create employment.

    I would think wastage of resources would be less so more of the allotted funds would reach their target, and safety of volunteers from human or biological harm would also be a positive to emerge.
    • Nov 19 2013: I know that "camps" and "concentrate" do not sit well in your mind. That is why I intentionally chose those terms, to show you what you were actually proposing. You want to set up concentration camps but just not call them concentration camps.
  • Nov 19 2013: Thank you for taking an interest in my conversation, my experience is that refugees are often unwelcome especially those that come without the permission of the government of those countries to which they aspire to live.

    In Australia where I live these families are imprisoned in remote detention centers in which they suffer severe mental health problems caused by isolation.

    They are over the quota set out by the current international agreements.

    It is true there is no shortage of undeveloped land, but with conservation in mind it is not necessarily desirable to cover more land with concrete.

    There is no land that does not belong to any nation already.

    The funds allocated to assist people in times of emergency are often not received by them due to corruption.

    The refugee camps people flee to are often not safe from the people they flee from.

    Currently camps are set up in response to a disaster that has already happened.

    By now we should be aware that there is another disaster about to happen and be prepared for it no matter where it happens and be able to provide immediate help instead of prolonged suffering while nations debate what to do about it.
  • Nov 18 2013: Calling them "cities" or "reclaimed land" would be cold, though. Let's call them something friendly, like "camps". Then we can "concentrate" the refugees in these "camps"...