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Quality of Life over Quantity of Life Movement. How do we cultivate quality life choices in the United States?

Modern medicine allows lives to continue living in a vegetation state with the support of machines. Many of these people have no scientific hope for recovery or of a life without excruciating pain. While, in the same vein, if a person has reached a point in their suffering that they wish to die and the doctor also deems this the only means to end the suffering the doctor would be harshly prosecuted. This tells me that in the US we live in a culture that supports the quantity of life rather then our quality of life. How do we help to cultivate a healthier relationship with death while supporting quality of life choices?


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    Nov 18 2013: I agree! It is not only in the US, however, that we seem to value quantity over quality. I think this is an issue occurring around the world.

    The best place to start is with yourself. I have always strived to live a quality life and I notice people around being inspired to do the same. This is what TED is all about. Society and culture is built around it's people, right? So we need to start small in order to change the world.

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