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Move the needle on climate policy by building an authentic Republican grassroots movement.

Senator Lindsey Graham stated, after he pulled his name off the Kerry-Lieberman-Graham climate bill, "Environmental groups are really good about getting their members to call, write, and email us. The problem is those aren't the people who vote for us."

Similarly, a congressman who voted "No" on the House bill told me, "If just 100 Republicans from district had called my office, I would have voted "Yes".

Over $2 billion has been spent by proponents of climate protection over the past decade--almost all of it has been used to preach to the choir.

Various organizations have created faux conservative astro turf groups, networks of out-of-office Republican grass tops, etc. No investment has ever been made to grow capacity or a network of real grassroots Republicans.

A Republican micro-targeting firm estimates that the average red congressional district has between 25,000-30,000 active GOP voters who believe climate protection should be a priority.

With just a tiny fraction of annual climate protection funding, a large, vocal grassroots network of Republican voters could be built. We can easily outnumber the "base" and support those members of Congress who want to take action, but are deterred by the apparent lack of support back home.

The messenger is just as important as the message.

  • Nov 19 2013: The old Daoist told us

    Those who know do not speak Those who speak do not know.

    This is one reason for scientists and engineers,.
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      Nov 19 2013: George, be nice... he is probably young and doesn't understand
      • Nov 20 2013: Mike you are right as usual. While the bubbles and large political contributions scare me , few people publically admit it.