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Is education for sake of education worthwhile?

I know my thoughts on this, as someone in their mid-forties, established in their career, who is returning to school now that my kids are grown. In fact my youngest is in his second year of college and one of his friends recently asked why I would I go back to school now. It’s not to get a job, I have one. It’s not to get a better one, I love what I do. It’s not to get more money, because I doubt it will have much effect there. For me it because I have always felt that education was important, it’s just that life got in the way and now that I can… why wouldn't I?


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    Nov 22 2013: Hi,Jason,as a daughter myself i would be so glad to see all dads doing so.(I may try to persuade my own one into doing so when he is retired but i think there might be little hope) :)
    To let the passion for knowledge govern your life is no easy task,really.But your thoughts definitely motivate me.
    I am convinced that our potential is beyond measure, and it's never too late to be all you can possibly be.

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