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How do you find different ways to inspire creativity?

Many people have different rituals that help get the creative juices flowing. I think that it is important to have different methods under your belt so that you have the ability to select the right method for a specific situation.

How do you get creative when the need arises?

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    Nov 18 2013: We have many TED talks on this popular subject, but the ones you might particularly enjoy are Tim Brown's on creativity and play, Elizabeth Gilbert's on her creative process, and Amy Tan's on her creative process.

    Here are our 111 talks on creativity. These ought to give you some ideas to get going! There are film-makers, designers, writers, theater/staging directors, advertising people, fine artists, and creativity consultants all in the mix.
  • Nov 20 2013: A walk on the beach, a trip to a museum, a visit to a hardware store or mall with no real purpose. Depends on the where I am trying to channel my creativity.

    If I need to design or invent, I type in some key words to the patent office or Google images and just do a quick search. Similarly on Ebay or amazon. If i have to write something about people, I might look at some stories in the news paper, or a magazine I do not usually read that would be common to one of my characters. If the topic is technical, I like to look at some general Wiki subject entries first, then do more extensive research at a University Library.

    Try to vary your routine. Go to places you have never been, talk to people you have never associated with, read magazines you have never opened before, learn a new skill like carpentry, welding, photography or dance. Take a class at a community college in a subject you have always been curious about but never persued academically.

    Post a question on a blog, bring up a conversation at a Senior Center, or volunteer somewhere where you can talk to experienced people to learn.

    Watch children playing at the playground, watch animals in the wild, watch people in a crowd or a mall.

    Go to a museum, exhibit or perhaps a TED event at Whistler!

    Many possibilities. Find a mix that works for you.
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    Nov 19 2013: Alexxis, one thing that helps me is I dance here and there throughout the day, dance in many situations, with or without music, dance in line at the grocery store, dance standing on the corner waiting for the light to turn green, dance sitting at my computer. This frees my body and mind, gets me in touch with my body, tones and builds my body. Here is a YouTube I made that somewhat talks about it: