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Why isn't restoring the ocean a more pressing issue?

With all of the talk about climate change, air pollution, and other areas of interest in conservation; why isn't a greater spotlight being placed on the issues going on inside of our ocean ecosystems? Overfishing, plastic particle pollution, rising acidification, and oil spills are all well documented and known to be detrimental to human survival, so it's beyond me why so little is being done to protect and restore our largest and most diverse natural resource.

So why isn't protecting the ocean a bigger deal?
What can be done to make it a top priority?

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    Nov 19 2013: Michael, a lot of work gets done on this, and you see definitely see stories about it in the news. But it's not the only issue in life, right?

    Some actions affect the ocean even though the story is not directly about the ocean. For instance, when you see a story about more electric cars being used, that affects the ocean even though the story is not directly about the ocean.
  • Nov 25 2013: When we are barraged on all fronts with "news" story like Miley Cyrus, worries about the ocean and its sustainability fall about three levels behind worrying about global warming. We are so focused on things like health care that nothing will shake up the status quo unless it hits us squarely between the eyes.
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    Nov 22 2013: Fish aren't sexy. Dolphins are sexy, cows are sexy, hell, even beavers - the animals! get your mind out of the gutter - are sexy, but fish... Sadly not. Marine life is doomed to lose from the more cuddly species of animals in the competition for funds, a competition which has started to dictate a larger and larger part of the evolutionary process. A sad, but true state of affairs.
  • Nov 20 2013: I think a few reasons:

    1) Its size, and consequently the size of problems and solutions to problems.
    2) Its compatibility with technology. A marine environment is a very hostile environment. Saltwater, waves, wind, buoyancy, stability, dynamic motions, etc.
    3) Humans in general live on land, so the ocean is not our first concern.
    4) The ability to control what gets dumped in the ocean.
    5) The ability to see all of the problem. Much of the problems either mix with ocean water or sink to the bottom.

    This is a very important topic, but there are many similar (air, land, etc.).

    Keep sounding the alarm!