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What we must do to prevent future tragedy like Philippines after Haiyan Typhoon?

Relief efforts have been implemented significantly in the Philippines these days. But these are actions after a disaster. We are totally passive in this event of Haiyan Typhoon. Thousands of people already died and thousands more are waiting for basic needs and relocation.

After this event like this, people always want to take some actions like donating and volunteering. But these are simply not enough. We need bigger-scale solutions that are implemented before the tragedy not after one.

People rely so much on large conferences on climate change every year. But somehow, this does not work as too many countries are involved and do not want to compromise their benefits for a solution. An example is UN climate change conference.

I think there are two approaches to make people in countries like Philippines suffer less: initiatives to reduce global warming (main cause of stronger storms) of course. The other approach is to make people less vulnerable when disasters happen.

With the second approach in mind, what should we do? Who should take actions?

Some ideas I have but I am not sure if they work. I will be more than happy to hear from experts in this field.
Build concrete shelters underground?
Massive evacuation of people in advance by airplanes and ships?

Please contribute any idea you have on how to solve this solution


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    Nov 28 2013: If you want to prevent this from happening again.

    Build your own HAARP and take control of the weather.

    In the case of a typhoon, hurricane, massive storms, you could redirect it somewhere else.
    In the case of an earthquake or a tsunami, HAARP could not help to prevent damages.

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