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Why is marijuana illegal?

Marijuana WHY is it illegal?

Some say "It's a gateway drug to hard drugs because when people buy this drug off dealers they are exposed to hard drugs" If this were the reasoning legalizing marijuana would mean people wouldn't need to go to dealers who may hook them on hard drugs so we'd be "closing the gate" between soft and hard drugs.

Some say "Marijuana can kill you if you smoke it." So far there appear to be 0 recorded deaths from any kind of overdose.

Some say "Marijuana can give you mad cow disease" So far not only does it not do that but its showing to have MANY positive medical affects including but not limited to fighting cancer.

Some say "the legal costs to taxpayers to keep marijuana illegal are beyond staggering" So far this is absolutely correct.

Our debate is to determine exactly what justifies the significant societal costs of marijuana being illegal on any level at all.


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    Dec 12 2013: Marijuana was made illegal due to the prohibition era of the early 20th century.

    It remained illegal so as to generate a base for the government to funnel money into; different sectors of itself/law enforcement.

    Its pretty much a "stubborn law" that is being held on to so tight, due to the taxable $$$ the (ie.) DEA generates in combating its illegality.

    The counter balance will be its medicinal & recreational uses. However the "ace in the hole" sorta speak (for its revival) will be the taxable monies (generated)* in sales v.s. (lost) in loosing its "enforcment" generated taxes (ie. DEA) ~?~

    I believe that the scales are already tipping... we just have to wait a while, as bureaucracy's a bitch.

    Check out my other convo on Cannabis v.s. SSRI's in depression, anxioty, etc...

    *No matter how you look at it the Cultivation, Production, Distribution (transportation), and Sales, are all taxable instances in the legal sale of Cannabis. The whole cycle is intrinsically a money maker.

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