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Why is marijuana illegal?

Marijuana WHY is it illegal?

Some say "It's a gateway drug to hard drugs because when people buy this drug off dealers they are exposed to hard drugs" If this were the reasoning legalizing marijuana would mean people wouldn't need to go to dealers who may hook them on hard drugs so we'd be "closing the gate" between soft and hard drugs.

Some say "Marijuana can kill you if you smoke it." So far there appear to be 0 recorded deaths from any kind of overdose.

Some say "Marijuana can give you mad cow disease" So far not only does it not do that but its showing to have MANY positive medical affects including but not limited to fighting cancer.

Some say "the legal costs to taxpayers to keep marijuana illegal are beyond staggering" So far this is absolutely correct.

Our debate is to determine exactly what justifies the significant societal costs of marijuana being illegal on any level at all.


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    Dec 3 2013: Let's get to the bottom line... Some people in some places have voted to make it illegal. Should have they done so? Some say yes and some say no.
    Are there societal costs? Could be, but how do you measure those costs? Can one estimate some recovery from taxing legal marijuana? They did that to cigarettes and liquor and that created black market industries and further illegal activities...

    Is it safe to use? It's an intoxicant when used to excess and stays active in the body for up to 30 days. As is alcohol an intoxicant if used to excess. Nicotine can give a high to heavy smokers. So, can you say that this intoxicant is better then that intoxicant... it's like asking firing squad or hanging....
    So, if you want to use it, use it. if it is illegal where you are at and you get caught... man up and don't whine about there is nothing wrong and it's not as bad as.... . Take your punishment and be done with it.
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      Dec 3 2013: yes, people of north corea should man up, and take the capital punishment for watching porn or south corean television.
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        Dec 3 2013: So, porn is intoxicating... never thought about that... or are you saying the North Korea holds capital punishment for watching South Korean TV.

        Hey, I am not defending laws people make, whether democratically or dictatorially.

        What I am saying that intoxicants are or can be harmful and that is why they are referred to as intoxicants. If you were to drink two liters of alcohol a day or smoke 6 packs of cigarettes or smoke a dozen tokes, I would say that you are intoxicating yourself and that is not good for you... in my opinion
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        Dec 5 2013: Jimmy, you agree with Kris on everything.
        Don't blend my acceptance of legalities with my position on the effects of drugs.
        I don't make the laws. I said to obey the laws or you can ..... and overall get screwed. I really didn't mean to say it was OK so much as to say it is what it is. Not my laws, have no responsibility for them. They are what they are.

        You don't have to care about my opinion on the effects of drugs. I have never seen any benefit in the abuse of drugs only great hardships and other bad things. So that makes me hold a negative opinion. Notice, I have said abuse... not use. Maybe that is where you missed my point.... two little letters a and b....
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          Dec 5 2013: it ever happened that you disagreed with a law?
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          Dec 6 2013: I do not agree with Krisztián on everything, we've had different opinions on stuff before. But most of the time I find his arguments to be well grounded and thought through...

          Tell me Mike, do you consider yourself of being able to take the hypothetical seriously?
        • Dec 7 2013: I have been reading Krisztian comments for many months and I find his logic and judgment impeccable, I would love to have him in my corner on any intellectual discussion. He is a computer programmer and what that requires is you must be capable of writing an entire book without any errors. Every letter, number and symbol has to be in the proper place at the proper time and must all be in logical sequence. If even one letter is wrong it could be catastrophic for the program. It is very tedious work and a lot of it is done and organize in there head before they write a single line of a ten thousand line program. Not for the faint of heart. I have hired and fired people all my life and what I see in Krisztian I have only seen a couple times before but he is absolutely the best I have every seen, so Jimmy when Mike said you agree with Krisztian you may take that as a compliment.
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        Dec 6 2013: Kris, .... Obey the law?

        I have thought that there were laws passed that were ill conceived, not thought out and had the potential for causing extreme unintended consequences.... Recently, here in the states, such a law was passed that was proposed to provide health care to people who could not afford to get health care. I had thought that there would be public clinics like I have seen in Europe.
        But is wasn't. It was convoluted health insurance law, that canceled some insurance policies, created others, and taxed people who do not purchase health insurance. It hasn't even come into full effect and already is causing hardships to millions of people trying to find new health insurance for the canceled policies. Dumb law....
        But it is the law.
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          Dec 6 2013: i believe laws are just temporary like wind. morals are the foundation for everything. like in your analysis of the healthcare "reform". that law is wrong, misguided or even ill-tempered.

          violation of morals is wrong, whether it is prescribed by law or not. therefore putting someone in jail for smoking weed is immoral, either wrong or plain evil. and accepting it is not manly. accepting violence is either masochistic or subdominant. the latter in most cases, i suppose.
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        Dec 6 2013: Jimmy,
        Many years ago, I may have thought that porn could be intoxicating... but at my age it is but a distant memory of what might have been or could have been....

        Kris does make good arguments for whom I presume is a relatively young man...

        But, why would I take the hypothetical seriously? I sort of pride myself as a pragmatist...
        almost to the point of vanity... and you ask me to seriously consider a figment of some imagination? Don't think so...
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        Dec 7 2013: Sorry, Jimmy...
        i don't usually watch TED talks, because there is no give and take. If Mr. Flynn was into this conversation, we could have a discussion, back and forth.

        If I watch a Talk, (and I do watch some for the pure listening enjoyment of them) and I have questions, there isn't much in the way of feedback. I find myself talking back to the screen saying... "Yeah, but...."

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