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Why is marijuana illegal?

Marijuana WHY is it illegal?

Some say "It's a gateway drug to hard drugs because when people buy this drug off dealers they are exposed to hard drugs" If this were the reasoning legalizing marijuana would mean people wouldn't need to go to dealers who may hook them on hard drugs so we'd be "closing the gate" between soft and hard drugs.

Some say "Marijuana can kill you if you smoke it." So far there appear to be 0 recorded deaths from any kind of overdose.

Some say "Marijuana can give you mad cow disease" So far not only does it not do that but its showing to have MANY positive medical affects including but not limited to fighting cancer.

Some say "the legal costs to taxpayers to keep marijuana illegal are beyond staggering" So far this is absolutely correct.

Our debate is to determine exactly what justifies the significant societal costs of marijuana being illegal on any level at all.


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  • Dec 2 2013: My suggestion is that most people fear change and public exposition. That the answer is neither philosophical nor political, per se, but personal, which is, I believe, the source from which all change emanates. When one accepts personal responsibility, and is willing to be forthright about it, the risks can be enormous, as can the benefits. For example, nearly everyone I've encountered in my 66 years of life have smoked pot at one time or another. Most still do so...secretly.Secrecy is the operative word. They are willing to buy and smoke illegally, but not expose themselves to advocacy for fear of some kind of retribution for doing so. Many will deny it politically because they do not want to be exposed as having smoked it, afraid of condemnation. Perhaps because it is illegal, the risk is considered too great. The benefits, on the other hand, are personal, but they are unanimous...it feels good, promotes social relaxation, and camaraderie. People are reticent to advocate for pleasure in our culture.
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      Dec 2 2013: Certainly it is extremely easy to see the validity in the arguments that change is feared so an object in motion tends to stay in motion regardless of its logic and that a risk of personal consequence(s) seems to pale any possible reward(s.)

      It should be considered that technology via big brother and other is hurtling us at an incomprehensible rate of speed towards 100% adherence to all laws regardless of their ethical validity.

      Secrecy will soon be a concept of the past.

      The ONLY time honored exception to this is if a person is rich enough or powerful enough to be above the law.

      Society in general will face inescapable enslavement if the laws are unjust or the institutionalization of liberty if the laws are just.

      ( "just" for this purpose meaning logical outcomes that we would feel were right if applied to ourselves or others under the same circumstances and NOT the outcome of a court decision based on who had the better lawyer where facts and evidence can be ignored or misrepresented)

      It is to every persons advantage and interest to do what one can to ensure that the laws which govern us are ones we feel are ethical, just and logical.

      "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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