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Why is marijuana illegal?

Marijuana WHY is it illegal?

Some say "It's a gateway drug to hard drugs because when people buy this drug off dealers they are exposed to hard drugs" If this were the reasoning legalizing marijuana would mean people wouldn't need to go to dealers who may hook them on hard drugs so we'd be "closing the gate" between soft and hard drugs.

Some say "Marijuana can kill you if you smoke it." So far there appear to be 0 recorded deaths from any kind of overdose.

Some say "Marijuana can give you mad cow disease" So far not only does it not do that but its showing to have MANY positive medical affects including but not limited to fighting cancer.

Some say "the legal costs to taxpayers to keep marijuana illegal are beyond staggering" So far this is absolutely correct.

Our debate is to determine exactly what justifies the significant societal costs of marijuana being illegal on any level at all.


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    Nov 27 2013: good question...the top level..the tip of the pyramid...it may allow on to question official dogma and consider other ways of being.....it depends on what group you desire to join in regards to the second level...self esteem..social connectivity. I beleive it inspires more respect for things that are different and a questioning of things that are perhaps past their due date in regards to culture...regarding love ,intimacy..it will effect how others see you and often leads to finding people who have moved towards a more liberal point of view...Security can be lessened...unfortunatel mostly caused by law which cloaks the user in a social judgement that increases the users danger at many levels...but in itself is not dissimilar to alcohol in that it relaxes...however there is no component where it leads to assualt or violence(unlike alcohol)...regarding the physical effects...it relaxes so the body if its had proper exercise through enviornment would benefit...some atheletes also use it to enhance performance..but that would only apply if they were already capable..So I went through the pryramid and still have one major point...it alienates the user from non users...a huge divide in what one is allowed to express of think....if you live with a group whose nature it is to be interspective..this medicine could aid one to think anew...if you live in a affixed world view your connection to the group will not reward such thinking and it could lead to being isolated and condemed by its members...which initself a form of anguish on all sides...therefore it is illegal because some countries are orientated towards behviours which if one smokes marijuana..will cease to be attractive...imperialism could not exist if alcohol was replaced by marijuana...it would look philosophically absurd
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      Nov 27 2013: Did you know that you can reply directly to Martins (or anyone's) comments?
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