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What is the role of computers in the classroom?

We live in a digital world, where the apparent importance of computers appears to grow exponentially. Now, this growing trend has permeated a fundamental sector in our society. That is education. I have seen, and this is only my own perception, that we have blindedlessly accepted the fact that through technology, and more especifically, with the use of computers, education will improve substantially. But, will it, really? I think it´s especially important to have a debate over such topic, in a moment where the investment in technology in education grows very fast.

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    Nov 25 2013: Santiago, There are many dangers associated with this. A simple comparison would be the difference of reading a book and seeing a movie. When I read a book I set a great force of imagination into motion. By the writers words I see a person, house, farm, emotions, torment of the soul, love, etc ... these are mine and personal. When I go to a movie I see what someone else wants me to see and do not have the wonderful adventure for myself.

    Computers and calculators are wonderful tools .... but are just that. tools. I want the foundation of how to properly operate that tool. A calculator is a great tool. But if I do not know what to enter how will I know the answer or if it is correct. Do you want me to operate on you just trusting the tools?

    Computers have limited use in the classroom .... until the instructor has proven the student has the base knowledge to understand and use the computer as a tool and not as a crutch ... then it should not be allowed.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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    Nov 25 2013: To give students a fascinating world of visuals to complement their learning. To motivate students to research, to have the possibility to sense how much it is there for learn and how accessible it can be for them. A classroom with computers it is inclusive, allows more participation from students with disabilities. It is one of the greatest tool available for teachers!
  • Nov 21 2013: I think computers should be viewed as a tool but a very important tool which could change how we teach, i.e. flipping the class from lectures to working problems - teachers becoming mentors and tutors rather than lecturers.
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    • Nov 20 2013: I do think we are all born creative. And although I agree with you when you say that the hardest things in the world cannot be found online, I think that those things are not the only ones worth being creative about. For example, you have a student that has to be able to solve several problems, but he can find those answers in Yahoo or Google. IS that real learning?
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    • Nov 19 2013: So it´s not all bad... TED is a proof of that. But, what if letting students use the internet to find quick answers to interesting and difficult questions makes them lose their creativiy. I mean, instead of searching for an answer for oneself, and thinking and having ideas, and realizing of errors, and so on; one just can look the easy answer in the internet. Isn´t that risky? Aren´t we educating students out of their originality and creativity with computers?
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        Nov 20 2013: I agree, Santiago, that there is a risk in this.