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Let's talk about humor

What is humor to you? How important is it in your life? How many kinds of it you came across? And lastly, what is that 'cultural' sense of humor?
I am asking because I have seen people requiring to explain it to others.


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  • Nov 25 2013: From a spiritual standing I feel humour is the essence of life. Regardless of what type of humour you have it is always comforting sharing your sense of humour with another person - with the same or similar sense as you.

    It simply brings endless joy to life and that is what makes it important. Arguably it's what make life important itself hence the essence of life.I cannot imagine greater like like human beings without humour. Wouldn't chickens gain vast respect if they could genuinely laugh? Would we then not even kill them for their food qualities?

    I've come across vastly different humours, from the regular content based humour that most people share to wild humours that only a specific few may understand. I believe it's important to accept all kinds of humour as it keeps you open-minded towards others, regardless of who they are.

    I'm not too sure of cultural senses of humour even though I have traveled frequently across the globe. Although I will say regardless of your background, ethnicity, some people do share the same humour across entire continents.
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      Nov 26 2013: Do you think humor is an antidote for depression?
      • Nov 26 2013: I am not sure, although I can say that humour can definitely take your mind off things, although I believe it is always better to accept your depression and face it head on.

        On the other hand depending on how each person thinks about it humour could suppress the depression at least.

        I am a person that loves to laugh, but regardless of how much I laugh I will always have problems that will cause depression. I guess there's a time and place for both.
      • Nov 28 2013: Most assuredly yes, and there is good science to back up that thesis, much of it recent. Humor stimulates brain regions that depression atrophies if given free reign. Humor is a beneficial adaptation. laughter most certainly is a fine medicine.

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