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Let's talk about humor

What is humor to you? How important is it in your life? How many kinds of it you came across? And lastly, what is that 'cultural' sense of humor?
I am asking because I have seen people requiring to explain it to others.


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    Nov 21 2013: I have not seen Bruce Almighty but I know what you mean... have you seen Bruno? there is a lot of that kind of humor in movies. With all the respect for freedom of expression in art if there was a mean to restrict this type of 'self expression' I would be all for it; here in US they have a rating system for violence, sex...but not for stupid, gross and unfunny.
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      Nov 21 2013: Cannot agree more. The same is true for India Anairda :(
      I think gross, unfunny and tasteless humor does affront viewer's sensibility in the same way, if not more, as violence or sex does. I wonder what censor board in India can do to give a humor centric rating.

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