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Let's talk about humor

What is humor to you? How important is it in your life? How many kinds of it you came across? And lastly, what is that 'cultural' sense of humor?
I am asking because I have seen people requiring to explain it to others.


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    Nov 18 2013: Humor to me is a very hard concept to describe. However, I do know that without it I would be a very bored individual. So I suppose that humor is something that is absurd, or a strange reference, puns, general word play, it could be honestly anything ! Cultural humor is even more interesting! For instance, where I am from, music with strange lyrics is funny. I feel like most people would find this funny, but we seem to be slightly obsessed with them. Honestly, this is funny to me to think about this idea.
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      Nov 18 2013: Interesting. There is a saying that the British have a 'dry' sense of humor. What do you think is a 'dry' humor? Have you seen Peter Russel's stand up comedy? How humorously different is he from Emily?
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        Nov 18 2013: Dry humor I would describe as something that is a more reserved joke in terms of absurdity. The other two comedians you have mentioned I have not heard of. I will make a point of looking them up later.

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