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What are some things you can do with your TED conversations responses?

Many of us put a lot of time and energy into our TED Conversation responses to questions, comments on ideas, and opinions in debates. If you go to your profile, you can see all your responses.

I just copied my responses and put them in a Word document. I figured it might be useful for reference, but then I thought "Who else might like to see these responses?" and "What else could be done with the information?"

When my kids were very young, I use to worry a bit that I might have an accident at work or otherwise die before they had a chance to know me. So, I would write them letters as if they were adults to talk about things from a parents perspective and offer some general thoughts and guidance. I thought that if I did die, the collection of letters might be something they would like as a keepsake. They are both adults now, but at some point they might like to see what I was thinking at different points in my life. I think the body of work associated with responding to TED conversation topics might be a neat archive of what I thought about various issues at one particular time in my life.

So there is one potential use. Another might be to have them in a searchable document to find bits and pieces of old responses that might be useful to answer new questions.

Can you think of any others?

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    Nov 18 2013: For me ,I can see my growth in English and the good memories of all kinds of communications with others .:)
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    Nov 18 2013: I often combined some of my responses into essays for a blog.
  • Nov 18 2013: I keep a log of all my comments and responses - similar to my lab book