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is global warming a unnatural or natural step for earth

i believe the rise in temperature is a natural step for earth because in the past before human lived we had it get very hot or cold quickly and for a long time

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    Apr 26 2011: Agree it's a natural step, but we have speeded up the process by creating ecological mess for our short-term gain that's the concern.
  • Apr 22 2011: I agree with Davie.
    Also I just wanted to add whether it was or wasn't caused by humans, and at this point in time where we can all truly see just how small the earth is why not see just how much we CAN control nature? I mean why not, I know it's complicated but so is QED.
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    Apr 22 2011: Does the world naturally warm up and cool down? yes.
    However, for the first time in the history of the planet, an inhabitants (humans) actions can and will result in a change in its climate.

    Please watch Al gore's 'an inconvenient truth'. It answers your question in full i feel.