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Are there international data mining laws and who writes them?

After watching, I took Alessandro's advice and tried to do research at the click of my mouse. I travel internationally quite a bit and have more concern about how my data is used in foreign countries than I do with its use in the United States. If anyone can provide sources of international legislation, I would be interested in seeing how we are protected around the world. Some activities that are monitored electronically are not illegal in all countries (gambling) but you can face extradition. Who's moral compass is guiding which freedoms we can enjoy around the world without fear of legal action?

  • Nov 21 2013: Think you may not like the current answer. Each country has their own laws concerning data, transportation of data within and outside of the country, and data usage. Good example is a practice that is allowed in Sweden may not be allowed in France or Germany or Hungry. I believe that there is a UN group working on a standard but I am not sure of the status.
  • Nov 18 2013: I think a few answers are here.