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How does the discovery of the Higgs boson affect our real life?

Some times people in general have the feeling that the cutting-edge science does not affect the real life. I mean, how does the housewife or the cab driver are affected by researches as Higgs boson or strings theory? What is the real impact on the price of food, the school taxes or this kind of real thing and ordinary?


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  • Nov 29 2013: we don't know yet of course, but there will certainly be many benefits which will come about from now on. people asked the same thing when the first bacteria were observed under a microscope - "ok so you've seen a tiny bug with your fancy machine (microscope), that doesn't affect me" - but since then we've improved medicine tremendously, improved cooking, general health (bacteria involved in digestion), improved farm yields, and hundreds of further follow-on advancements, and that's not even including the advancements made in the process of research, such as building the machines to do it.

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