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What is the purpose of blogging?

Blogging has become very popular in our society today. You could find a blog about anything nowadays. Ask yourself this - why do we blog? Is it for popularity to who gets the most comments? Is it just for fun? I believe people blog for themselves. It is just another way to relieve stress or anything that's bothering you. Blogging is a way someone could express themselves through writing for the whole world to see.

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    Nov 18 2013: i think it's probably for sharing opinions, ranting, letting off steam, trying to reach an audience as well as all sorts of other reasons that probably depend on the individual blogger.

    some schools use blogging as a tool for enhancing literacy as well as connecting with an audience outside the school walls.

    i think there's also a desire in most people to create.
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    Nov 18 2013: someone could think they have good ideas and want to share them with the world. Similar to TED, no?