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Is poverty a justification for all crimes ??

hello ..I am writing a speech on this topic and am short on ideas kindly help me with this topic .
what am I expecting ??
has poverty become an excuse for crimes ??
are all criminals poor ?
stats regarding poverty and crime
quotes regarding the topic
how to stop crimes regarding poverty
examples of people who were not poor but committed crime
crimes with which poverty has no conncetion

  • Nov 21 2013: the short answer is no, poverty does not justify crime. In certain cases, it makes it understandable but does not justify it.
  • Nov 18 2013: Ask any leftist: Poverty justifies any act, no matter how outrageous.
  • Nov 18 2013: Well, I don't live in Pakistan, but there are many theories of crime that suggest that crime is motivated by economic circumstances. One theory is called anomie. The general idea is that society creates conditions in which there are social expectations that some people will never be able to meet by legal means. So they resort to crime to try and meet those expectations. It also suggests that those conditions create a sense of detachment among groups in the society.
    A very closely related theory is called strain theory, it is essentially the same as anomie, but instead of looking at the society as a whole - it looks just at the individual. It suggests that an individual who feels pressured to meet social expectations will resort to crime if they don't have access to legitimate means of achieving them.
    Here in the United States there is a very specific theory of strain theory called "The American Dream Theory" by Robert K. Merton.
    Societies that have vast income inequality between the rich and the poor, also tend to have a lot more crime than countries where there is less income inequality. Why that is is a matter of debate, and currently, the US has an income inequality that is increasing, while crime has been decreasing.
    There are other theories too, such as a model called "Broken windows", basically, it suggests that people who live in impoverished areas (places with broken windows.) people are more likely to engage in criminal activity.
    There is a vast amount of research on all of these subjects. Try Google Scholar and you should be able to find information on any of these theories.