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By limiting or stopping the transportation routes, will this only cause drug cartels to adapt? Will they continue to push through harder?

1. Is there a way to stop the cartels distribution and transportation routes?
2. If we do stop the distribution routes, what will this achieve?
3. By doing this, will it cause the cartels to innovate different modes of transportation or will it cause the cartels to push the distribution routes through harder and bloodier with more innocent lives lost?

The answers I would like to see would include how we could close down their routes and the domino effect that would cause.

  • Nov 22 2013: I think there is no way to stop the cartel distribution even if the US increases security drugs will still trinkle into the us. If we stop distribution routes i wont achieve anything because the demand and consumption will still be there. Also the cartels have started to produce drugs here in the U.S and i think they will abandon distribution routes if they perceive that it will be stopped. They would move to locally producing drugs in the most consumed areas of the US because it will be easier to distrubute and have lower operating costs. I think it will be bloodier because if we start to decrease the routes into the U.S the three cartels will start fighting for the remaining routes. I hope this answers your questions.
  • Nov 19 2013: My reasoning in asking the question is not to model a business after the drug cartels but to see what the general consensus is after watching that video. Their routes and distribution are the absolute most important thing in their business model. Therefore by shutting down their routes - how do you think it will impact them? My initial question refers to the transportation and distribution routes and if they are shut down, how will the cartels continue to do business?
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    Nov 18 2013: can you elaborate on what a distribution and transportation "route" is?
    • Nov 18 2013: To clarify, the drug cartels have designated ways to transport their drugs through Mexico up to the United States. The "route" is a complex interlinked highway of individuals, paid off government officials, and a preferred mode of transportation in order to get the drugs to their target users in the United States. The drug cartels need to keep these routes open in order to keep the production line and business profits moving forward.
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        Nov 18 2013: Thank you, Katherine. May I ask what your interest in this topic is, or your motivation for publishing it? Are you law enforcement, or maybe you know people who have been damaged by drugs, or.....?
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        Nov 18 2013: I will say, Katherine, that I think sooner or later the good guys always win, if it's not today, it will be tomorrow, if not tomorrow, the next day, or month, or year. Unfortunately, a lot of people have to suffer in the meantime.
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        Nov 18 2013: right, Katherine, but what is your purpose in asking the question, are you trying to decide if you will somehow use the cartel model to conduct a business, or what?