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There is not enough poetry on TED.

Like water, poetry seeks its own level - does not obfuscate nor complicate. Instead, its task is to simplify - to explain - to open doors to understanding.

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    Apr 19 2011: You and Me and Pooh

    I wished upon a star, you came along
    With you, life is a never ending song.
    I know that time goes by, so much to do
    But for a moment, it’s just you and me and
    Within your heart you hold the gift of love
    You came to me, a gift from up above.
    You woke me from a sleep, an absent minded
    And now I wonder, “What does all this mean?”
    “Daddy, how do flowers grow and where’s the
    Tonight, when they are sad, will they be all
    Where do the stars go, when the sun’s so bright?
    I know that time goes by, so much to do
    But for this moment, it’s just you and me and
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    Apr 21 2011: A Database Fate

    A lonely clerk types
    Open, highlight, click, click, close
    And you are no more
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    Apr 19 2011: Not Saying Anything New.

    There's difference, neither one benign,
    In reading signs and heeding signs.
    One begot of chains of thought,
    One assumes some grand design.

    Of fluke and fate, the fulcrum
    Lies in state of mind.
    A happenstance of timing,
    Inherent neatnesses of rhyming,
    Cause and effect? or
    Faith and what faith finds?
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      Apr 21 2011: The big bang in 10 lines, very thought provoking.
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      Jul 3 2011: How many digits do we need?

      For all intent purposes
      Three digits are enough
      The answers you get
      Will prove your stuff

      If you work with more precision
      You may take it four
      Just for the knowing
      You have a better score

      And for those who are sticklers
      And must go to five
      I am sure that your math
      Makes you feel alive

      But using multiple computers
      For more processing power
      Just to get more decimals
      And taking millions of hours

      Is an excise that truly
      I don’t understand
      How accurate an area of a circle
      For there is the demand

      A little rhyme about pi.

      Hey, if we are going to do this, let's get it rolling.
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    Jun 30 2011: First a little background: I am a poet/spoken word artist in upstate New York. Check my website ( if you are compelled to. I wrote to perform, that is to say that it comes to me as a performance while I am writing. With all the inflections and pregnant pauses while my fingers tap out the words on the screen.

    Moving on to the topic: I actually thought you wanted people to post poetry hear on the TED Conversations more frequently, but was relieved when I understood what you were getting on about.

    I don’t see “life” as poetic; I see slivers of life as poetic. There was nothing poetic about my daughter breaking her arm, or about how I went crazy and stopped performing for two years. Sure, I could create a poem about it, but it is not intrinsically poetic.

    I certainly think everything about TED as poetic though. Every TED Talk is poetry because it is intended to, at the very least, enrich and broaden peoples’ minds. The TED Conversations open up a dialog between people that would not otherwise communicate. Basically, the Mission of TED is poetry incarnate.

    Now for a poem, because when you mention poetry to poet, they must share. A cinq-cinquain, five stanzas of five lines, first line is two syllables, second is four, third is six, fourth is eight and fifth is two.

    Reading in to what is Not Said

    Tell Me
    Don’t shut me out again
    I am feeling oh so helpless

    It’s me
    I know it’s me
    That is why you won’t talk
    You are afraid you will hurt me
    You won’t

    You won’t
    Unless you go
    Do not leave me alone
    I love you deeply, you know I
    Need you

    Tell me
    I can take it
    I can’t take your silence
    Your secrecy is killing me
    I ache

    Say it
    You don’t love me
    You never have loved me
    My heart is broken, my soul too
    Just go

    I hope you enjoyed.
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    Apr 22 2011: "All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood." Rilke
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    Apr 22 2011: Poetry is prose for the TV Generation..
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    Apr 21 2011: There is not enough poetry in the way we represent life. Many people are afraid or even ashamed to do so. Life is poetry, there is order and chaos in it, rhythm and resonance. Let's welcome poetry into the versions of larger life that we create in our own lives and let's welcome poetry in TED. That been said, I'm not talking just about spoken or written poetry, but about adding poetry to everything we do: rhythm and resonance.

    Come to think of it, TED is poetry of ideas (worth spreading).