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What is the best way to reform the current immigration system in the United States that also strengthens the economy?

With over eleven million known undocumented immigrants working and living in the United States, a new system is needed to replace the old and ineffective immigration policy.

The new system would need to be fiscally responsible, ethnically sensitive, and take into account the needs of the USA and it's people.

Please offer up ways that would effectively reform our current immigration policy. I'm a 10th grade student and am participating in an independent study project concerning this topic. Unfortunately, with all the reading I've done, I haven't been able to find a definitive answer to this problem. Thanks for your help!

  • Nov 26 2013: I actually just turned in my independent studies paper, 15 pages in length. Within, I made the argument that instead of just building Berlin Walls around the Rio Grande, maybe those same funds could be put towards programs that help immigrants establish themselves successfully as a part of the American economy.
  • Nov 26 2013: Richard increasing minimum wage I do think is essential in the context of the States, however there were a couple of points I didn't quite agree with:

    Not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico.

    They are not aliens, they are people.

    And what line? Last time I checked there was no line...

    The way to really tackle illegal immigration is instead of spending billions of US tax dollars to tightening the border. By assisting emitting countries in confronting and resolving the key issues motivating these illegal immigrants to make the initial move in the first place such as political stability; a booming economy, security, inevitably reducing illegal immigrants. This upstream, preventative strategy would be a much more effective and efficient way to spend the American taxes and no doubt it would save dollars in the long run.

    People should stop drawing the line at their nations border and instead look at themselves as part of a global society. Just a thought.
  • Nov 25 2013: Require everyone who enters a hospital emergency room to provide proof of insurance. If they fail to provide it, they are placed in a data base where a followup by a representative of the insurance industry will try to enroll them in a cheap plan that covers emergency room visits, but, more importantly, connects them to a primary care physician.

    Increase minimum wage so that the migrant workers can provide for their children so they don't burden our Government-provided services like education.

    Deport any illegal aliens with a criminal record back to Mexico.

    Provide a pathway to citizenship that puts illegal aliens at the "back of the line".

    Secure the border---in the order I have given above is a list of my priorities
  • Nov 25 2013: Your ideas make a lot of sense, thank you for your reply.