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Sport as a school of life: What Values, Virtues and Principles Sports teach us ?

Dear TED Family,

I often talk about how Sport is the perfect environment to develop some of life’s most needed skills.

I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you about how Sports helped you to develop positive inner strength, enhance Human qualities and reinforce social bounds.

I am looking forward to hearing your stories and lessons learned !


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    Nov 24 2013: Sport is may be the best way to learn about what discipline and perseverance in a task is about if you want to reach a certain degree of performance or even to improve yourself in your own field. Sport is a virtue in itself and covers a real bunch of virtues as well. Sport can even be considered as a discipline or a microcosm of life itself, in a way to become better, to progress and reach new goals, as it should be in our every day life.

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