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Sport as a school of life: What Values, Virtues and Principles Sports teach us ?

Dear TED Family,

I often talk about how Sport is the perfect environment to develop some of life’s most needed skills.

I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you about how Sports helped you to develop positive inner strength, enhance Human qualities and reinforce social bounds.

I am looking forward to hearing your stories and lessons learned !


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    Nov 23 2013: I was a very late it coming to sport. Since turning 30 I'd started going to the gym and doing a couple of running races, but I wasn't seriously involved in sport, it was just about general heath and weight loss.

    Then in March last year the love of my life ended our relationship. I felt that I had lost everything that had mattered to me, and needed to find some way to rebuild. So I decided to join a running club shortly afterwards as a means of taking a positive step forward. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I had something that was totally mine, a part of my life that he had never touched. The running club is a Meetup, which means that it has a dynamic membership. As a result I was constantly meeting new, wonderful, interesting, generous people, some of whom a count amongst my close friends. Sport brought a structure into my life, it gave me focus and the physical strength to hold my life together while my psychological strength was lacking.

    Through this, I made it through a very very difficult time in my life and running is no longer a crutch, it is simply a joy. I've learned and continue to discover so many things about myself by running. I realised that I knew myself very well as a person in a cognitive sense, but had very little awareness of my own physicality. While I occasionally engage in races, running is the least competitive aspect of my life. As a recovering perfectionist it has been an excellent means of learning not to be the best, but the value of being the best that I can be. That sometimes you have to stop or you will hurt yourself and that is a sign of strength and wisdom, not weakness or failure. I have learned to take care of myself, to listen to the advice of those more experienced than me. I have become a runner, not someone who runs, and I can't imagine living my life as anyone else.

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