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How can we increase testosterone level in the brain and decrease the cortisol level (other than through body movements or medication?

Based on the fact that body changes mind, mind changes behavior and behavior changes outcome, how could we be more aware about our postures, hence increasing automatically testosterone level in the brain and decreasing the cortisol level consequently becoming more successful?

I would be interested in maybe an application that based on the human heat could read the levels of the testosterone and cortisol and based on that we may be able automatically in critical times to redress our posture.

I would also like to know based on Amy's talk, if the reverse is possible, basically if the outcome can change the behavior, the behavior change the mind and the mind change the body, so like this when we want to work on our body language it is just enough a certain outcome from a certain source.


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    Nov 20 2013: What does it say about our current determinants of success, that we have to alter our hormones to achieve it?

    If you feel you have to distort your testosterone balance through deliberate intervention to go beyond what is deemed natural, then aren't you just pandering to the pervading patriarchy?

    Are you saying that the patriarchy we have right now is the acceptable norm and that everybody, including women, have to effectively distort gender in order to achieve success?

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