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How can we validate psychiatric diagnosis?

With the new modalities of Imaging and laboratory testing, physicians are able to evidence their provisional diagnosis with results. Yet, psychiatric still rely on a book ( DSM ) as a reference for their problem solving. My feeling that there is no definite answer in this field, Diagnosis could vary from one psychiatric to another depending on the interpretation of the patient compliant and the communication with patient. Sometimes, the psychiatric would push his/her patient in a certain pathway just to put him in a known DSM classification

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    Nov 15 2013: I am concerned at the amount of people, especially kids, being medicated. There does not appear to be a cure ... just a diagnosis and long term care under the Doctor.

    This appears to be the modern day scarlet letter.

    In my psych classes I found out that everyone has a problem that can be classified somewhere in the books.

    Guess I am a natural cynic.

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      Nov 16 2013: There is no shame in being treated lifelong. A lot of physical diseases need to be treated the same way. The problem is when to treat.
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    Nov 15 2013: Does the diagnoses lead to a solution for the individual. Telling somebody they need to take Prozac for the rest of their life is not a solution...
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      Nov 16 2013: The trend is to learn the pathogenesis of each disease and to deal with it like any physical disease. I know a lot of neuroscience labs are working on neuroscience but this seems to be a very long pathway especially with the funding difficulties they have from time to time.
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        Nov 16 2013: Do you have the numbers that would indicate this is true?

        This has been a conspiracy for decades.
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          Nov 16 2013: Honestly, I don't have numbers in my hand. It was an observation I made when I was looking for a postdoctoral fellowship.