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Is there really a difference between a robot and soldier making a kill?

Special Forces are precise weapons to kill. Soldiers receive orders from someone else on the kill and they carry out the mission. Wouldn't you agree that human soldier is this sense is like a robot?

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    Nov 18 2013: I would say there is a small difference, and I think that if someone has to die, I'd rather they die by the "hands" of a robot than another human. Before I go into why, I'd just like to say that I think the murder of another human is one of the least moral actions one can do (mercy killing is sort of a gray part of this). Now before anyone says something along the lines of that bumper stick, "If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them", I have a deep respect for the military. They do a lot more than go to war and much of my family were part of the military and saw no combat.

    A person intentionally killing another person has more implications to me than a robot killing a human. It implies that the person had a choice before killing someone and that the person chose to kill that other person. It also suggests that that person had to live with the fact that he had killed someone. I'm not sure if everyone feels regret, but I'd predict that that person would generally be depressed or at least confused from that time on.

    However, when a robot kills a human, this means that a person has died and implies nothing about the robot. The real problem I have with this is that why are we programming a robot to ever have to make a decision about killing someone. That should not have been programmed to be an option. That person's death ultimately resides on the programmer and anyone who knew that they were a part of making a robot that would kill humans.

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