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Is there really a difference between a robot and soldier making a kill?

Special Forces are precise weapons to kill. Soldiers receive orders from someone else on the kill and they carry out the mission. Wouldn't you agree that human soldier is this sense is like a robot?

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  • Nov 16 2013: What "we" do to soldiers is a crime and to make it even worst we punish them for "our" crime. For them to come out the other end of war anything but crazy (OK Nadav, how about "a little crazy") is pure nonsense. Everyone without exception comes away disturbed and the second crime is we place them right back into society without any adjustments or tools to compensate for the disturbance.
    It is not the soldier that is doing wrong, they are just doing the best they can with the impossible task they have been given. What is the impossible task? Save lives by killing people.

    How do we get out of this endless cycle of destruction? Education
    • Nov 16 2013: Actually, there are plenty of people who fight in wars and come out just fine. I know quite a few myself.

      I'm not saying post traumatic stress isn't an issue, nor is readjusting to civilian life trivial, but claiming all the veterans are mentally ill is just as bad as the other extreme of ignoring the problem altogether.
      • Nov 16 2013: We are all mentally ill in my estimation, some more so than others. It comes from bad nutrition and progressely worst genes over the expansion of most of our existence on this planet. I am not talking about lock em up insane, I am just saying they have been stressed to the breaking point and many beyond. Then released back into society with no tools or training to adapt to their new environment so they usually either seek out highly stressful jobs to match the habits they have learned and practiced for so long except the rules have changed causing even more stress. It is a problem that we are aware of and just recently done anything about. For years the method was provide them all the drugs they want and wait for them to kill themselves or others or die. I am not talking about office soldiers fighting paper work, I am talking about combat.

        Here is my suggestion: No matter how many years they have spent in combat the government should allow them just as many in therapy and education or more when they come out. Then they should be evaluated and if they need more, they get it until they are well again. It is not the least we can do, it is our moral obligation.
        "If you broke it, you fix it"

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