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How do we get companies to go all in when profitability to shareholders is at stake?

I agree with the premise of this talk for starters. It seems a large issue is that the biggest companies that could make the biggest impact are at the mercy of the people who "own" those companies via stocks. Changing the technology to include a larger potential audience is a mind numbing undertaking given the upfront expense with modifying a proven business model. With an economy based on capitalism, how do we convince shareholders to not jump ship when the idea of change is presented, especially when their investment would help fund the transition?

  • Nov 18 2013: What you need is the majority of stock holders to be long term investors who can be convinced that there is profit is switching to sustainability in the long term. Short term investors will bail assuming that there would be a short term drop in profitability. As my investment prof said, an institutional investor would sell his grandmother for a nickel a share profit. Unfortunately, the larger investors are institutional and short term, in for the price increase and the dividend play.
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    Nov 17 2013: the only option we have as consumers is the size of us when we get together.

    boycott their products - find alternative. write letters to the people who have the ability to rein these people in.

    fundamentally, corporations operate as sociopaths so all current business models fail.
  • Nov 16 2013: They need to be solve on the long-term payback of the change and not feel that the short-term risk of lost profits will not somehow be rewarded. Perhaps by rewarding with additional shares rather than profit in some instances?