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Why do you keep your clothes?

With an obvious cry for change in the way we consume what can slowing fashion do to help, and how can consumer-led /human-centred design bring about positive change?

There are some garments we keep for years and others we dispose of after one use. Why is it that we become attached to some and not others? But more importantly what is it about the garment that makes us keep it? Is it the durability of the product? The narative it holds, about us, about a certain time?

What makes YOU keep your clothes?


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  • Nov 16 2013: I would first say that we are a nation of non-stop consumers; in a nutshell what makes us consumers is the abundance of products. When it comes to clothes and the reasons why we choose to keep or discard them could be solely based on fashionable reasons, economical reasons, personal reasons etc. For example, (and not to make accusations) wealthy people are more likely to discard their clothes more quickly due to trends going out of style. I will say though that such reasons are personal, and as for myself I tend to discard clothes if I no long wear them, find them to fit improperly, or overused; this may not be the case for others.

    In my opinion clothes are a means to an end. I buy them because I need them and whatever the case may be I know three things: 1.) that clothes are a necessity. 2.) money is spent more on clothes than most other commodities. 3.) Society has made clothing a part of a hierarchical system (another topic I could get into, but will not).

    And this is coming from a female's point of view.

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