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Why do you keep your clothes?

With an obvious cry for change in the way we consume what can slowing fashion do to help, and how can consumer-led /human-centred design bring about positive change?

There are some garments we keep for years and others we dispose of after one use. Why is it that we become attached to some and not others? But more importantly what is it about the garment that makes us keep it? Is it the durability of the product? The narative it holds, about us, about a certain time?

What makes YOU keep your clothes?


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  • Nov 16 2013: The clothes are the first impression and what we are beneath it, comes later.
    And we always have clothes for occasions and have to put on accordingly.
    ( though i am most comfortable in my t-shirt and pajamas they cant be put on in office )
    and they can be used for other occasions but very few chances of that.

    Start:- we buy new clothes for many reasons.
    1. old clothes torn or faded. we buy in what we are comfortable. mostly light and soft. not so expensive
    2. Some occasion ( Wedding , festivals etc. ) mostly fancy with some works most expensive
    3. Urgency ( stuck in other city for much more then scheduled stay - happened to me when i was in project and
    schedule only one day for visit but had to stay complete week ) mostly cheap.
    etc. etc.

    Use:- so when we buy clothes for purpose 1 they tend to be part of daily life and the experience we have with them.
    the association of feelings stick to the current situation and if something bad ( like most beautiful girl in college
    did not like the color :-) so i will put it again but frequency will come down.

    and if some good memories are attached it will put on again and again.

    when we buy for the purpose 2 it holds a very special part of our life
    those moments which changed our lives.
    but we wear them rarely. and they are the most expensive and not so comfortable but we still keep them for long
    some times hand over it to the next generation also.

    so the point is that clothes are associated with our feelings and experience which makes us keep some and throw some.

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