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Why do you keep your clothes?

With an obvious cry for change in the way we consume what can slowing fashion do to help, and how can consumer-led /human-centred design bring about positive change?

There are some garments we keep for years and others we dispose of after one use. Why is it that we become attached to some and not others? But more importantly what is it about the garment that makes us keep it? Is it the durability of the product? The narative it holds, about us, about a certain time?

What makes YOU keep your clothes?


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  • Nov 15 2013: Personally, I believe several factors affect the value I place on clothing. First of all, a big part of why we become so attached to our clothes is because of their connection with our identities. Clothes generally are placed in our bedrooms, a place of safety and warmth. Our clothes bring a sense of familiarity and security that causes us to cling to them for comfort. Clothes could also represent a version of ourselves we wish we could be or miss being. Humans imbue objects with value all the time, and the ones that we associate with our emotions become the most important. Maybe a certain outfit made us feel like we were powerful or beautiful, and we are attached to the beauty it gave us and want it to remain close. Clothing becomes an important part of our identity. And because humans are slow to change who we are, we are slow to change our wardrobes as well.

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