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People aren't smarter than they were, it's the information technology that makes information more available which broadens their horizons.

As proposed by Mr Flynn, people were more closed off than they were in the past, and that bringing up an abstract idea was a difficult concept for past generations. As they were taking the literal context of a hypothetical situation. However, hypothetically, if we could go back in time and were to expose someone from a previous era, would they be able to adapt to the new environment, and adjust to the technology, or would it be conceptually demanding? I feel that they could adapt, as you know have people from primitive societies using today's technology.


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  • Nov 17 2013: I don't think the problem is how smart we are now if comparing with how smart we were. The big deference is how we use our intelligence now. It's clearly in a different way. We have too much information and knowledge now, but the speed of changes do not allow penetrate deep the information. Tomorrow something that we believe as true can be a big mistake. Nevertheless, we have to remember that this is the more productive era in the human history. We've never generated as knowledge and cutting-edge science as today.

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